Terms and Conditions

Website use

1. Accessing the web page or completing any of the forms therein shall not entail the commencement of a contractual relation with Safesport ID.
2. Access to certain website sections is restricted for product buyers. Said sections are duly marked, and you must accept the general terms and conditions of sale as a mandatory requirement to access the latter.
3. The various elements on this web page, and the website as a whole, are protected by European laws as regards intellectual and industrial property. Those brands, tradenames, distinctive signs, photographs, designs, texts and customized products appearing on the website are owned by Safesport ID or by third parties with which said company has signed an agreement, being the disclosure through any means of the aforementioned contents utterly forbidden, as well as its use for commercial or public purposes.
4. If users download material for personal or non-commercial use, they shall keep all copyright and trademark notices (for example, if they wish to refer to the website in a personal blog). In any case, the use of Safesport ID's logo requires prior authorization from the said company.
5. Safesport ID does not assume any responsibilities for damages that may be caused to the users’ equipment as a result of their navigation through this website, including, if relevant, damages caused by computer viruses.
6. Safesport ID does not offer any guarantees as to the solving of functioning errors or update of contents.
7. We remind you that:
- Collection of personal data performed through this website is ruled by the conditions stated in the electronic forms you complete, as well as by the provisions established in the “Privacy Policy” section.
- The purchase of any product in this website requires you to accept the general terms and conditions of sale.

Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions

1. Object
The following terms and conditions regulate the purchase of Safesport ID products and services through Safesport ID’s websites: My.SafesportID.com, www.safesportid.com, www.safesportid.at, www.safesportid.de, www.safesportid.fr, www.safesportid.co.uk, www.safesportid.it, www.safesportid.nl and www.safesportid.org.

This contract, in compliance with Spanish law, will be formalized into the following languages: Spanish, English, German, French, Italian and Portuguese.
Reading and acceptance of these terms and conditions is the essential requirement for us to attend your order.

2. Placing an order/Making a purchase
To place an order through our websites, the user must be over 14 years old and have an e-mail address. The smooth running of the portal requires the user to configure its browser to admit cookies and pop-ups.
By clicking the button 'Confirm order', the user's application will be sent to Safesport ID, and then, a purchase confirmation will appear on the website, including order number and details.
A purchase confirmation copy will be also sent to the user's e-mail address.

3. Conditions for not accepting an order
Safesport ID reserves the right to cancel any purchase (of an order previously accepted by us), not being responsible for any damage or expense in case of the following situations:
- The product is not available/ it is not in stock (in this case, the user has the option of refund the purchase or waiting until the product is in stock again).
- The user's billing address information is not right or it could not be verified.
- Our security systems mark the user's order as abnormal or it could be fraudulent
- We have reasons to believe the user is under 14.
- We were not able to perform the delivery at the address the user provided us.

4. Price/Payment
4.1 Methods of payment
The available methods of payment appear at the Methods of payment page. If the user tries to make the payment through different ways, Safesport ID is not responsible for any loss or damage suffered by the user.
4.2 Prices and currency
The product prices shown on the webpage are inclusive of Valued Added Tax (VAT). Shipping costs are applied to every order. Exact shipping costs depend on the country the order should be delivered. If you need further information about shipping costs and countries, please check the 'Delivery' page on the website.
Prices could be expressed in Euros, US Dollars and British Pounds. Anytime the delivery country is changed while surfing any of the websites, or while using the Cash, prices could be expressed into a different currency since then. If the user's residence country currency is different from that shown on the prices and it makes a purchase, its bank will apply the interest rate of the purchase date.
4.3 Price changes
Prices appearing on the websites are subject to changes. We do reserve the right to change prices without prior warning.

5. Cancellations
The Customer is entitled to cancel the service at no cost during 14 days after the order. This cancellation shall be made by email or by letter indicating the email address that was used to place the order, full name of the subscriber and the name of the Emergency Profile you want to cancel. In this case, the full purchase amount will be refunded.
Regardless of the right to revoke the order, the customer can cancel the service at any time from his/her account using the corresponding functionality inside the customer’s account on My.SafesportID.com. After deactivation of the emergence profile, it can no longer be consulted by third parties. Already paid amounts will not be refunded.

6. Validity of special offers
The website offers are valid only by the time they appear on the website, unless a determined period is specified.

7. Responsibility
7.1 Safesport ID is only responsible for the damages in case such damages come from any failure by Safesport ID to comply with the contract duties it could have with You or in case the Safesport ID responsibility comes from applicable law. The maximum refund for the damages, in such a case, will equal the purchase amount of the products.
7.2 We are not responsible at any case for the information content on the ID plaques the customer showed, for the information to correspond the features of the person wearing them, and for the proper use of the information engraved on the ID plaques by third parties.
7.3 Safesport ID does not assume any responsibility for the damages caused to third parties coming from the use of any of our products. We are not responsible for the damages it could cause owing to the inappropriate use of any of our products.

8. Applicable law
These general terms and conditions, and any dispute arising with respect to these general terms and conditions, including its validity, or with respect to the use of the website(s) or any purchase performed in them will be governed by the Spanish Law.

9. Data Protection
Data submitted by the user during the purchase process, the online Emergency Profiles, the filling of any contact forms or when contacting the website’s owner through any means, will be incorporated into a file for which Safesport ID shall be responsible.

The aforementioned data shall be used to process the purchase or attend to the users’ requests.

Forms may have a specific clause, providing further information on the treatment of your data, or requesting your consent for Safesport ID advertising material to be sent to you.

Access to Safesport ID’s websites may entail the use of cookies. These tools are used to obtain statistics on our website’s use and to improve navigation. Cookies are files sent to a navigator by means of a web server in order to record a user’s activity while navigating. It is necessary to activate the cookie reception option on your navigator in order to complete the purchase process.

Safesport ID has enabled the necessary internal mechanisms to attend to requests of access, rectification, cancellation or objection sent by the data owners. If you wish to exert said rights, contact us by means of the contact form in our website.