Your Safesport ID Bracelet includes an Online Emergency Profile

The additional information that does not fit in your Safesport ID bracelet

Creating your Emergency Profile might save your life one day

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Frequenlty Asked Questions


Why do I need an Online Emergency Profile?

It is especially useful if you want to communicate additional information about your medical condition or additional contacts in the event of an emergency. This additional information will help to decide the correct treatment.


What info to put on my Online Emergency Profile?

In this profile, you can expand the information of your bracelet with more data about your medical conditions, your personal emergency protocol to be followed, additional contact persons like relatives or doctors and information about your health insurance.


How can emergency services access my Profile?

With the ID and PIN code that is engraved on your bracelet, first responders and Emergency Services can access your profile. Your emergency info is immediately available without scanning QR codes.


How much does my Emergency Profile cost?

Creating your Online Emergency Profile is free and you get a 6 month free suscription. You can renew your suscription from only 0.48€ per month.


Is it mandatory to create an Online Emergency Profile?

No, the option of creating an Online Emergency Profile is an additional service that we provide. We highly recommend it, but it is your decision.

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